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African Caribbean Society


 We held the first ACS     meeting of the  semester, last Friday. As usual the event was graced with an  overwhelming...

First meeting








Finally, its here! The much anticipated ACS Launch Party is finally upon us. This year's event would be holding on Thursday, 28th September 2006 @ Camouflage in London. Doors open 10pm that is 22:00hrs GMT! Get  ready  to  party  to  the  freshest  blend  of  dancehall,  Hip Hop  and  R&B.  There  would  be  prize  giveaways  for  the  best  dressed  male  and  female.  Dress Code: Slick and Sexy!

Welcome to the new ACS Website!

ACS is a symbol of unity and solidarity; it represents a fountain of knowledge and understanding. More than just a collection of the Africans and Caribbeans at Queen Mary, it is a means through which the black culture can be promoted and the essence of the culture disseminated. It also enhances the promotion of awareness and of identity amongst our black community. ACS has developed increasingly; encouraging rapport over the years and now comprises a vast majority of members making it one of the biggest within the universities of London. In 2006/2007 my committee and I hope to maintain this momentum and boost the status of Queen Mary’s ACS even further.

The website is the most direct way to get the latest news on ACS and other related events. The site will be constantly changing so be sure to check in regularly to see if there are any new notices or ways that you can contribute to the new and improved ACS. If you have any queries on how ACS can best cater for you, feel free to e-mail us on or

Nnamdi Emelifeonwu
Queen Mary University of London African Caribbean Society (ACS)



Choice FM


  Choice Fm the number one for hip hop and R N B  was one of the biggest the Queen Mary University's Africa Caribbean Society

Hip Hop & RnB

Personality of the week


 This is a legend, one of the greatest in his time. His work has caused movements...


My site of the Month


 Black history month was just around check out this site I came across...

Black  history

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